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The proven, "cream of the crop", biomechanically engineered hoof wear by marquis just keeps getting better and better with more options for you and your horse! 

The MPGo! is THE leading edge glue on hoof wear for total hoof protection for equine athletes.  read more...

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The MPGo is glue on hoof wear that gives your horse excellent protection, yet allows maximum performance with no issues, no limitations!

The entire hoof is free of buckles, bungees, flaps, straps, canvas, etc., meaning that there is nothing to break or fail when striking objects or by forging into the heels of a front hoof.

Easily replaceable, the soleplate is scientifically designed by a veterinarian to simulate a bare hoof. The sole material provides the correct gliding, stopping and concussion-absorption properties for the horse hoof. Use it anywhere you would ride with your barefoot horse, and enjoy the protection of the MPGo offers your horse, all in one application.

Above photo shows 4 optional road nails in place of the sole screws.  

The inside base that the sole screws into is a thick honeycomb frame that has a dense rubber frog cushion in the middle. When the MPGo are applied the glue grips into the honeycomb and onto the hoof for a superior bond.

The strong but thin sides are glued firmly to the hoof wall meaning that there are no bungee screws, horseshoe nail clinches or steel shoe clips sticking out that can rip. There is nothing on the sides but thin smooth flexible rubber.

The MPGo distorts in every direction, meaning that it is like a flexible, but tough, second skin moving with the hoof and not constraining it in any way.  This is very important when considering hoof wear for a barefoot horse.

Ride with no worries of losing hoof protection or getting a stone bruise...

Just ride and enjoy and save money...MPGo can be re-used many times.

The MPGo! is an adaptation of the proven, original Marquis scientifically engineered modular hoof wear, and consists of the following marquis parts. 


sole plate

sole screws (6, 4 of which may be replaced with optional road nails)

If the sole is replaced before the shell becomes worn then the user can extend the life of the MPGo while at the same time keeping the tread (traction, shock absorption, etc) in almost new condition thereby greatly reducing the overall cost of using the Marquis when compared to having to buy completely new every time the tread gets worn.

 The price for each MPGo is $99.99 USD plus shipping.

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Join us for tips on fitting and gluing the MPGo! for endurance riding.  Gluing procedures vary for each sport depending on the type of bond required.