MPGo Therapy

The Marquis Performance Glue On is also very effective for therapy/rehabilitation/hospital applications.  Typical uses are navicular, founder, laminitis, tender soles, transition.

The following is a chronic founder rehabilitation case.  This Hanoverian mare had 22 degrees of rotation (with a prognosis of euthanasia) when she started out in our rehabilitation program.

With a very diligent barefoot trimming schedule and regular use of the MPGo she is recovering steadily.

In the following photographs we will show you a typical application of the MPGo on a recovering hoof.  First, prepare the hoof.  Here the hoof has just been trimmed and slightly rasped to remove hoof oils.

Below you can see where the laminitic wedge has been removed and the lack of hoof wall at the toe.  The MPGo will support the toe and provide proper breakover as the glues will "fill in" this area inside the MPGo.

To make a gel glue pad, a shaped sheet of lexan (for the MPGo size you are using) is taped to the bottom of the hoof.  Vettec EquiPak glue is inserted into the holes and forms to the sole vault to provide a custom fitted pad, much like the mud wads that accumulate in the bottom of a horse's hoof in certain conditions.

The MPGo is then prepared for application.  This MPGo (pictured below) has been used several times on this founder rehabilitation mare.  From the previous use, the glue has been cleaned out and new tape tabs are applied over the glue holes.  Notice the very important comforting frog cushion.

After the glue gel pad procedure has been done, place the hoof into the MPGo with SuperFast glue around the toe.  This seals the toe area (since she is missing a large part of her toe) and also helps to support the toe during breakover.

Next the glue is inserted in the side holes of the MPGo.  The duct tape tabs are removed and the EquiBuild glue is inserted.

Below is the finished MPGo Therapy hoofwear.  The benefits of the MPGo for therapy reasons are the following:

1.  secure, safe turnout hoofwear for horses with compromised hooves

2.  MPGo distorts in every direction (just as the bare hoof does) therefore the hoof is receiving stimulation for all directions which will promote proper hoof growth

3.  MPGo, in combination with the glues, provides support for concussion

4.  MPGo provides comfort and protection for the hoof

5.  One application of the MPGo lasts for approximately 1 week to 10 days.  No fussing and hassles with temporary boots ie. boots falling off because of improper hoof form.  The MPGo material flexes and adapts to the shape of the existing hoof as it is in transition.

6.  Saves you money - you can use the MPGo time and time again


With the MPGo Therapy, this chronic founder mare can roam with the herd and get the much needed exercise for recovery.  She is comfortable enjoying the heel first landings and weights into her heels.  The comfort and support provided by the MPGo Therapy helps to make this horse's recovery easier and faster.

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