marquis supergrip

Frequently Asked Questions


1. What's the correct size of boot for my horse?

It is so easy to choose the correct size of marquis supergrip.


 1. Measurement                      2.  Hoof Width                        3.  Size


Measure the widest part of the horseís hoof as shown above. Then, refer to our sizing chart and pick the correct size.  It is that easy!  If you need help, contact us at 1 800 403-0689, or one of our Representatives.

When sending in your order, please tell us what breed of horse you are booting


2. How long do they last?

A long time!!  These boots are built for horses!  One of our customers reports over 3,400 miles or 800 rigorous trail riding hours on her two pairs of boots, with no parts replaced - and the boots are still going strong.  See our "voices" for a further story.  Also, all parts on these boots are replaceable increasing longevity of the the boot and value for your money.


3. Is it difficult to put the marquis supergrip on?

No, it is very easy to put these boots on and off your horses.  The boot opens up completely to allow the hoof to be placed in the boot.  No squeezing, hammering or twisting is necessary.  Once the hoof is placed into the sole of the boot (make sure the toe is to the front of the boot), draw the clamp closed and put air into the chamber.  The air chamber, filled correctly, causes the boot to fit snug and secure, but not tight.


4. How much air needs to be pumped into the air chamber?

A good way to gauge the right amount of air is, when you squeeze the air chamber between your thumb and forefinger, it should feel the consistency of a ripe plumb.  Too much air will cause your horse to feel uncomfortable and may show signs of this by not standing still or lifting up the feet to take the pressure off.  This procedure may take a few sessions to sort out.  Once you have done the initial experimentation applying the boots should take no longer than a few minutes.


4.  Can I use one set of boots on several different horses?

Yes, this is a great feature of the marquis supergrip.  As long as the horses you are booting are in the same size range, you can use the same pair of boots.  Various hoof wall angles are accommodated by virtue of the unique front fastener and slight variances in hoof size and shape are accommodated by the inflation of the air chamber.


5.  Does the boot stay on?

Yes, the marquis supergrip will stay on even in conditions that may pull metal shoes off!  This includes: deep mud, uneven terrain, rocky soil, water, trotting, cantering, galloping!


6.  Can I ride these boots in the snow?

Yes, the sole's composition works well in the snow.  For ice, just screw in the studs for phenomenal traction.


7.  How many studs do you recommend?

4 - 2 front and 2 back.  This provides an ideal balance and traction.


8.  Do rocks get into the boot?

Rocks should not get into the boot.  The ergonomic fit contours to the hoof with no gapping.


9.  Is the boot slippery on any surface?

No.  Using the results of computer cinematography, a synthetic sole was developed, which equals the gliding and stopping features of the bare hoof.


10.  Is the boot comfortable for my horse?

The marquis supergrip is the optimal solution for a horse needing hoof protection.  It enables the best of both worlds: a bare foot horse, as close as possible to its natural state, yet the best possible protection and grip when the horse needs to work.  The concussion properties of the boot protect the hoof structure, ligaments and joints.  And, this in turn, gives your horse more confidence.


11.  Does my horse need a special trim to wear the marquis? 

The boots are designed to fit a hoof trimmed to be barefoot.  A good balanced barefoot trim is necessary.  "There is a specific shape that is healthy for horses' feet to be.  The more their feet deviate from that shape, the less healthy the foot..."Diana Wittkopf DVM  This hoof wear has been scientifically designed with a healthy horse hoof in mind.  Therefore, if your horse's hooves do not exactly match the shape of the marquis you can feel comfortable trimming the hoof to fit the boot, and your horse will end up with a healthier hoof!!!


12. Are they guaranteed?

Yes, they have a 6-month guarantee.


13. Do I have to repair the boots myself?

No. You can send the boots back to us to replace worn parts or for servicing and cleaning. They will be returned to you looking like they are new - even if they are years old!  All replaceable parts can also be ordered from us.


14.  Are the boots sloppy?

The outstanding ergonomic features of the boot contribute to the pleasing overall design.  Once your horse gets used to the boots through an initial acclimatization period, they wear and fit like a your own boots fit you.


15.  What are the benefits of the boot compared to nailing on shoes?

        hoof protection is used only when conditions require it

        your horse can enjoy all the benefits of being barefoot

        there are no holes from nailing and so much less risk of infection, cracking, etc.

        less risk of injury when horse are loose together or when being transported

        less destruction of the environment than when using metal horseshoes


16. Do the boots rub or chaff?

As with anything new being introduced to the body there needs to be an acclimatization period.  This will be different for every horse.  Once your horse is used to the boot there will be no rubbing or chaffing and the design of the boot is such that the fit is snug and secure but gentle at the same time.

The fit is crucial.  Accurate measurements/tracings, appropriate trimming methods, insoles and the air chamber all contribute to a successful fit.


17. Can they be used over nailed on shoes?

They are not designed to be worn over horseshoes. 


18. Can the hoof boots stay on 24 hours a day?

They may be used for a horse that is recovering from an unhealthy hoof condition and therefore need to be kept on for longer periods.  The boots need to be checked regularly.  This would be a temporary situation.  The hoof boot is designed to be used only when needed.


19. Can I use them for competing?

Yes, we have several customers using the boots in competition.  To be sure, check with your local authority.


20.  My horse has unhealthy hooves.  Can I use the boot?

The boot offers pain relief for horses with chronic navicular, lame-free walking for horses with sensitive hoof soles and poor hoof wall quality, excellent shock absorbance and care of bones, joints and tendons with optimum protection of the hoof sole.  Your horse will realize all of the benefits from being barefoot and the boots are there when you need them.  The marquis boots are used by veterinarian's practices in USA and Canada.


21.  Will the boot hold water?

Water will not get into the boot because of the seal provided by the air chamber.  Also, the special design of the sole plate ensures ventilation and drainage.  On the other hand, if you are interested in soaking your horses feet for easier trimming, just fill the boot with water and fit the boot on the hoof without filling the air chamber.  You can add water from time to time, as it will gradually leak out.


22. My horse has got laminitis. Will the boots help?

marquis supergrip are recommended for horses suffering from laminitis by several veterinary universities in Germany. One of the many advantages is that the hoof can be trimmed as often as necessary, without continually driving new nail holes.


23. Do the boots save me time?

Once you and your horse are familiar with how the boots fit, they are on or off in less than two minutes!  Clean up is simple and fast too.


24. Can I use these boots on my gaited horse? 

The marquis boots work very well on gaited horses.  Some of our customers with Icelandic horses have noted the horse moving much better in the boots.  The only situation where the boots would not be suitable is with a horse that over-strides/forges/interferes, in which case the boot may get tugged off by the hind foot stepping up too high on the front foot.


25. Where can I get the boots?

You can order them from us, the North American distributor, StrideEquus, or purchase them from one of our outstanding Representatives.  We have several Representatives across the country.


26. I would like to become a Representative.  How do I do this?

We are actively searching for qualified and enthusiastic individuals to represent the sale of this quality product in their area.  If you are interested, please contact us by phone or email.


27.  How much do the boots weigh?

Below are the weights of one boot:

Size 0 - 1 lb  454 grams

Size 1 - 1 lb 2 oz  510 grams

Size 2 - 1 lb 4 oz  567 grams

Size 3 - 1 lb 8 oz  624 grams

Size 4 - 1 lb 12 oz  794 grams

Size 5 - 2 lb  907 grams


28. Are the boots safe for my horse?

The marquis boots are designed by a veterinarian and biomechanical scientist.  When using the boots your horse may experience:

*fewer joint problems

*more confidence

*no bruising

*no chipping

*happy feet!!

*longer strides

*more elevation


29. The boot is coming off and the front wire is out of its housing.  Why is this happening?


This is because the fit is not correct.

Check to make sure the toe is to the front of the boot when you put them on and put the air in.  Otherwise, if there is some space at the front of the boot, when the horse starts moving the boot will not be tight enough.  It is much similar to us putting on our shoes.  We make sure that our heel is to the back of the shoe before we tie the shoe laces.  If we donít there is too much space left in the shoe and we will have to re-tighten.


30.  Will the marquis boot fit a horse with the mustang roll?

Yes.  The marquis is made to fit a shorter heeled horse, not the upright trims sometimes used.  We have identified an ideal heel height range which is a guideline for horse owners when choosing our boot.  Also, the boot is completely adaptable for a horse who has higher heels.  This is done by moving the air chamber up on the hoof boot and if very successful.  The mustang roll will fit neatly into the boot and provide optimum break over point.

31.  What are the Studs used for?

We have only one kind of studs - used for grass riding, snow and ice.

We also sell road nails - they are only a bit higher than the metal screws and have a head  of tempered steel which protects the soleplate when riding on stony surface and surface with asphalt.


Studs are used for grass riding, for jumping on grass and for ice.


In case of dry grass you can use studs for the front boots only. For better grip on wet grass we recommend studs for the back boots too.


32. Will the air chamber put pressure on the digital artery?

No, The drawing shows the digital artery passing along the side of the hoof. The main pressure of the air chamber is applied to the heel in the back of the hoof.  In this area there are no important blood vessels which could be affected by the air chamber. There is no danger that the air chamber will put pressure on the digital artery!

Dr. Helmut Marquis DVM