This is a great partner product for the marquis hoof boots!!

To put the rubber sock on:

Simply pull the sock over the hoof and up onto the pastern (wavy edge up and to the back).  Then slide the sock back down to position it even with your horse's heel at the back and to brush the hair back down to follow it's line of growth.  The sock should lay over and cover the hairline completely around the whole hoof.

The horse should not be standing on the sock at the back.

Slide the hoof into the marquis hoof boot and adjust the fittings for fit.  The rubber sock will take up some space inside the boot.  It is 1/2 cm or slightly less than 1/4" thick on the sides.

Benefits of using the rubber sock:

1.  complete protection of the hairline and bulbs

2.  little chance of any fine sand reaching the hairline

3.  does not move on the foot


1.  Mounted Police Units - for long assignments and/or hot weather

2.  Riding in sand arena

3.  Extended trail rides

4.  Endurance riding

5.  Eventing

6.  Extended therapeutic uses