Comfortable and Safe for Your Horse and You

                      Easy-on, Stays-on!

      Mud  and Water!


Hoof Soaking


Six Equine Sizes - the above photograph is a size 5 on a Percheron

    Healthy for Your Horse - No Nail Holes


              Shock Absorption on Hard Terrain

                   Complete Hoof Protection

       All Replaceable Parts

                            Uni-body construction


                        Strong, Built for Horses

        Ergonomic Fit


Excellent Traction

           Value for Your Money - Long Lasting!

                Most Like the Natural Horse Hoof

Stays On during Challenging Riding Activities





          Easily Inserted Studs for ice/grass

       New Fluorescent Colour for Night Riding

                        Classy Appearance

                    6 Month Guarantee