StrideEquus Templates

The following templates can be used to determine the size of marquis hoof boot that is most suitable for your horse.

1.  Take a tracing of your horses' hooves.  Place the hoof on a blank piece of paper and trace around the outside of the hoof along the weight bearing surface of the hoof wall.

2.  Click on a chosen template in the center of the table below.  Print out the template/s.  Measure your printed version of the template to see that the measurement is the same as the measurement in the left column.  (The measurement has to be exactly the same for this procedure to be valid).

3.  Cut out the template/s.

4.  Place the cut out template on top of your horses hoof tracing (step 1) and compare.  If your tracing fits into the inside of the cut out repeat steps 2 and 3 for the next smallest size.  Choose the size range that best fits your horses foot by comparing a size smaller and a size larger.

5.  Remember to place your horse's tracing close to the front (toe) of the template when you are comparing.  This simulates putting the boot on the hoof and the fit of the boot is then achieved by the air chamber.

5.  Tips for sizing:

    The air chamber adjusts for many different hoof shapes and sizes.  For example, if your horse's hoof is tighter in the heel region or not as long as the template, this extra space will be taken up by the air chamber.

    Mustang roll  - the material used for the boot shell molds to the horse's hoof and fits any degree of mustang roll.

    Endurance riders or high intensity sports should choose a size range that is a good snug fit on the hoof.

    Therapeutic use - choose a size range that allows space for changes in the hoof shape and also poultices that may be used in rehabilitation.

    Toe to the front - make sure that the toe of your hoof tracings reaches to the front of the boot template when you are making your comparisons.

    Width of your pencil - you may need to take into account the width of your pencil (do not use a felt pen) on your hoof tracings, especially when your measurements indicate that your horse is in between size ranges.

size template

Size 0

11.4 cm

 4 8/16

Size 1

12.2 cm

4 13/16

Size 2

13.2 cm 

5 3/16

Size 3

14.0 cm

5 8/16 in

Size 4

14.9 cm

5 14/16 in

Size 5

15.8 cm

 6 4/16 in